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Cranberry Sauce

January 15, 2010

For me, cranberry sauce is a staple of any Thanksgiving and Christmas meal.  The meal just doesn’t seem complete without cranberry sauce.  I love the taste of cranberries; they are sweet and tart at the same time and it seems to compliment every part of the holiday meals.  Growing up we just had the the regular jellied cranberry sauce out of the can, which I have absolutely no problem with, but when Spencer and I started dating and I attended his families Thanksgiving for the first time I tasted some of the best cranberry sauce I ever had.  This wasn’t the regular jellied cranberry sauce I was accustomed to; this sauce had so many different textures in it including pecans and pineapples.  This was definitely one of my favorite things at the meal that year; and it stayed in my mind for quite some time.  

One of Spencer’s aunts made this sauce, and she isn’t from here so they are only around for Thanksgiving and they stay in their hometown to do Christmas with their family.  Since they are only around for Thanksgiving we only had this sauce once a year.  Finally after quite a few years of not having this at Christmas I finally decided to ask her for the recipe, why I didn’t do this sooner I don’t know, and she kindly gave it to me.  So this year we were able to have this awesome cranberry sauce at Thanksgiving as well as Christmas.  This sauce is not only great as a side but also as a spread on sandwiches.  It adds so much flavor but doesn’t overpower the meat or other condiments used.  I hope you enjoy this as much as we do.


Cranberry Sauce


2 Bags fresh cranberries (2 pounds)

2 Cups sugar

1 Can crushed pineapple

1 Cup pecans, chopped

2 Small boxes raspberry jello


Prepare jello as directed on the box.  Let the jello mixture cool.

While the jello mixture is cooling rinse the cranberries and chop them using a food processor. 

Once the jello is cooled combined all the ingredients. 

Cover the mixture and refrigerate overnight. 


And since this is a post about Christmas, here is Tucker on his first Christmas!

Recipe from Aunt Sue

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